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How We Care

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Science-based health security and circularity policies

In 2020, after the onset of the pandemic, the Iberostar Group resumed its activity in cooperation with science, to ensure the care of people and ecosystems. We reinforced our long-term health and prevention strategy by positioning it as a key pillar in carrying out our business and in our employee and guest experiences.

Together with our Medical Advisory Board, which includes biologists and doctors specialising in public health in tourist environments, we developed the How We Care programme, which includes more than 300 health safety measures in line with the Iberostar Group’s circularity policies promoted by the Wave of Change movement.

Iberostar Group

More than 300 measures to improve the guest experience

How We Care is a cross-cutting philosophy that seeks to care for guests, employees, the community and the environment

This new form of collective care is present in each of the activities, spaces and protocols of our hotels, which allows us to offer an even more personalised experience and consolidate the chain’s leadership in responsible tourism.

The measures implemented are grouped into four pillars that bring together innovative and responsible proposals to achieve a top quality experience: a safe environment, hygiene standards, social space and innovative experience. With all of Iberostar Group’s new protocols and measures, we have strengthened our business vision as we continue consolidating our leadership in responsible tourism.

A safe environment

Iberostar Group

We prioritise our commitment to the health and safety of our environment through the use of certifications such as Earth Check and Cristal International Standards, as well as the verification of our protocols by SGS.

Hygiene standards

Iberostar Group

We’ve reinforced our cleaning measures, maintaining our commitment to the circularity policies promoted through Wave of Change by using products with a low environmental impact.

Social space

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We promote open spaces and the creation of new outdoor experiences in order to make our guests feel safer.

Innovative experience

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We facilitate contactless proximity through the digitalisation of our services and the integration of new applications.



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