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Creating happy and memorable vacation experiences

At Iberostar, we leave no detail to chance when it comes to our distinctive beachfront resorts.

Think beautiful locations, welcoming, heartfelt service and a true connection with the oceans that perfectly sets the stage for the lifelong memories you’ll make.

We believe in positively living the present moment, while preserving the natural landscapes that host our resorts for future generations to enjoy.

We're here to champion positive change through positive tourism

Iberostar Group

Iberostar Beachfront Resorts, a place where positivity stays.

Our portfolio

Our portfolio of nearly 100 hotels is divided into three segments – Iberostar Waves, Iberostar Selection and JOIA by Iberostar – each the result of a deep understanding of your needs as guests and the joy we experience from making you feel at home.

Iberostar Waves

Welcome to our stunning beachfront playgrounds

Everything starts with a splash at Iberostar Waves, our beachfront resorts that promise big smiles and lots of laughter. Our friendly service creates a comfortable and fun vacation playground, perfect for families and couples, where our love of the oceans motivates us to provide a positive environment for everyone. Engaging activities, a tempting variety of food and plenty of family pool and beach time will connect you to the destination in unforgettable ways.

Iberostar Selection

Made to be enjoyed with loved ones

Iberostar Selection brings style and premium touches to beautiful beachfront locations.

Our warm and welcoming resorts feature generous guest rooms, honest and diverse cuisine, along with uplifting activities that are enjoyed by families looking to spend quality time together and couples wanting an intimate and relaxing escape.

Our sustainable initiatives and respect for the oceans foster peace of mind and a feelgood factor, leading guests to unforgettable memories.

JOIA by Iberostar

Personalized service, exquisitely delivered

An exquisite experience awaits you at JOIA by Iberostar, a collection of luxurious 5* resorts set on some of the world’s most privileged beachfront locations.

With highly personalized service that is masterfully delivered, JOIA is designed to delight and take care of guests’ every need. Whether for a celebratory vacation or quiet getaway, expect to be wowed from the moment you enter into your sensational suite and taste any of our signature gastronomic offerings.

Our care for the environment inspires us to work towards improving our surroundings, appreciating the beauty found in each of our unique destinations.

Our commitment to doing better runs through everything we do

Iberostar Group

Exceptional quality

Constantly evolving to improve, delivering quality that exceeds expectations through training, sourcing, hotel design and gastronomy.

Effortless for all

Easy and frictionless interactions that allow guests to focus on resting, relaxing and enjoying themselves.

Iberostar Group
Iberostar Group

Service with heart

We care for our guests from the heart in every aspect of their stay, ensuring a welcoming, safe and enjoyable experience for all through friendly and efficient service.

Moments that matter

We proactively seek out ways to surprise and delight our guests through individual service experiences and recognition by planning and improvising moments of delight.

Iberostar Group
Iberostar Group

Sustainably positive

We commit every day to providing an exceptional guest experience while contributing to leaving a legacy of responsible tourism.


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